Reasons for you to date a transgender woman

This topic is not about comparing dating a transgender woman and a regular woman. It is about cheer some of the depressed transgenders up. Even though we are so different and being demeaned, we do have some advantages over regular girl. There is no reason for us to feel self-abasement. Besides, for those who appreciate us, we would like to let you know that there are so many benefits of dating us.
First, us transgenders are very strong individuals. We have a strong endurance after what we went through. Plus, we are very sweet. We are caring and considerate. After experienced many things, we don't want people we care to go through what we have experienced. We are a group people filled with love. Trans dating can be more comfortable than regular dating.

Second, we will be more appreciative, even if it is just a small detail. We might get touched. You don't have to buy us some expensive gifts to cheer us up. Just a gesture of being nice and caring will be enough. Holding hands in public and being happy when with us will be the two major things that can make us very happy. We are very easy to please.

Third, if you do not want to have any kids, you could try to date a transgender woman. Everyone knows that we can't get pregnant. We don't have periods either. This is also an advantage for us. When dating a regular woman, some of them may hurry your step to get married and have kids. For transgender women, this kind of thing will never happen, because we can't do it. Besides, we could keep our body fit and nice. Therefore, if you don't want to have kids, we are the perfect candidate for you.

Forth, we know your needs more than any average girl, because we have been there and we have went through it. Transgender dating will be your perfect choice if you are too shy to speak it out.

Fifth, transgender women are more feminine and make more effort at least. We are making up for what we lacked in our previous life. We care so much about our appearance. We want to look feminine at majority of the time. We will be really ready for every date and we don't take advantage of being a woman.

Sixth, we can be more accepting. We may be the most discussed group of people. We know how it feels to be judged and treated with disrespect. We will genuinely accept everything about you and won't judge.

Transgenders are stronger than any other people when facing a stranger or a friend they don’t care, but they are also very vulnerable when it comes to the people they love and care. They can be so indifferent like a stone, or hot like a fire. It all depends on who they are facing. If you are in a transgender dating relationship, prepare to enjoy the double feelings that you will enjoy with a regular woman.

Transgender Tips on How to Look Passable

You need to keep your face skin smooth and clean. You may have never used face wash before. But you have become a woman, you need to use it and more to that. Use facial masks. Put the mask in your refrigerator before using it. In this way, it can shrink your pores and make your skin very soft and smooth like baby's. You can choose what kind of facial mask and washes to use based on your skin. If your skin is very dry, you can choose a moisturizing facial wash and facial mask. If your skin is very sensitive, you can choose a gentler and milder facial wash and facial mask. After done these, you need to moisturize your face, no matter your skin is oily or dry or something in between. You need to moisturize it every day. You can also use sleeping pack if you find it is too much trouble. Put it on when you go to sleep and wash it the next morning. The next morning, you can have a very radiant and clean face. It is good for makeup too. It is very convenient and easy. You need to know that every woman takes good care of their skin and so will you too if you want to be very passable and get trans dating.
The next thing is clothing. Clothing is also one of the reasons why many transgender people get clocked. Many of them like to wear very sexy silk stockings and bright-colored high-heels with bright colored top and dresses. At least they think that is very sexy. However, in other people's eyes, they are just like some freaking transvestites who don't know what they are wearing. In terms of clothing, do not wear clothes which you think is sexy and pretty. Wear clothes that fit your body. Wear those can show off your advantaged and cover disadvantages, just like wear makeup. Do not wear too much. I'm not saying that do not wear to many clothes. What I mean is that do not overdress, or you will end up like a drag queen again. Know your body. Know your merits and defects. If you are tall and big, wear loose shirts ad bras. If you are very skinny, congratulations! You can wear pretty much everything you like. Do not wear super high heels unless you are very good at it.

Have your ears pierced. You want to look as feminine as possible. You will need a full package. If you already pierced your ears, wear rings, no matter small or big. Remember always to do not go too exaggerated. This is the basic principle for everything. You can wear hoop earrings with some dangly little thing hanging. They are super feminine. But do not wear super big and tangle-some earrings that drag your ears down.

Be careful with your body language. This is also a huge give-away. Keep your feet crossed when sitting down. Keep your back straight when you walk and sit. Walk a straight line. If you do not know what body language you should correct, just have a cup of coffee outside and take a chair and sit down and watch the women passing you. Watch their behavior. How do they sit, walk, chat, and so on? Learn it if you think they are elegant. Change your body language also takes time. You need to keep this thought in your mind and think about it all time. Eventually you will get there and get a transgender dating.

What You Should Know About Transgender People?

This article is for people who are interested in transgender people and want to get to know them. There are some basic knowledges about transgender people if you are interested. For people who think they might be transgender or pre-trans, you should know these things as well to help you figure yourself out.

First, what is transitioning? Some people think that transitioning is doing top surgeries and gender reassignment surgeries. As a matter of fact, transitioning covers more than you think it does, including changing pronouns, changing names, dressing differently, wearing makeup if it is a transgender woman and so on. Of course, surgeries are also part of transitioning.

Second, if you don’t know their gender, it is okay to ask. When you want to refer to a transgender person, but you have hard time in choosing pronouns, it is okay to ask. For most transgender people, the worst thing is that people identify them as the gender in which they were assigned at birth. There are many transgender people cannot pass very well in real life. Therefore, if you are not so sure about their gender, you can ask them directly. It is better than using the wrong pronouns and being considered as personal attack which you didn’t mean to.

Third, some insurance company covers surgeries, such as sexual reassignment surgery. If you don’t know whether your insurance covers your surgeries, feel free to call and ask them. Sexual reassignment surgeries are extremely expensive. You don’t want to pay them in full payment and later realize your insurance actually covers them.

Forth, what is FTM and MTF? FTM is the initials for female to male, which is female to male transgender, called transgender men. That means he is born as female and changes to female afterword. MTF stands for male to female, which is male to female transgender, called transgender women. That means she is born male and changes her gender to female afterword.

Fifth, the difference of crossdressing and transgender. Many people think that crossdressers are transgender people. That is totally wrong. Crossdressers usually do not have problem with their gender identity. Crossdressing is just like one of their hobbits. Crossdressing is a form of gender expression, not gender identity. Many crossdressers have their own family and kids. They just like to crossdress for their own pleasure. As for transgender, they do not accept their assigned gender and wish to be their opposite gender.

Sixth, not all transgender people are going to have surgeries. Many transgender people do not need to have surgeries. It depends on their level of gender dysphoria. Some transgender people have severe gender dysphoria. For those people, having surgeries might help alleviate their gender dysphoria. While many transgender people do not have such serious gender dysphoria, they don’t need to do surgeries. SRS, sexual reassignment surgeries are not only very expensive, but also painful. Being a transgender person does not mean that you should definitely have surgeries. It’s all up to you.

Dating Places Advice for First Transgender Date

A lot of things to look out for on a first sex date, but the first question is where to choose? Many men don't know where to date a transgender woman for the first time. It's actually quite important. A good dating environment will keep you both engaged and will give your transgender dating the impression that you're taking your date seriously. So where should I go on my first date? Here are some tips to help you choose a date that you like.
The park

Now almost every city has all kinds of parks, such as children's park, playground, lakeside park and so on. Choose a park that your trans girl likes. In fact, almost every woman has a childlike heart, and they like to go to places full of childlike interest, such as children's theme parks. In the playground, she can spend hours with you riding different cars, playing various games, going to haunted houses, all of which are unforgettable. Besides, a walk in the lakeside park is also a good choice. Women sometimes enjoy quiet, peaceful times. Imagine you are walking and talking and it will make you happy. Of course, depending on your transgender girlfriend's preferences, choose which type of park to visit to see if her profile says anything about it.

The cinema

Cinema is no doubt a recognized dating spot, whether you are a LGBT dating or a casual date. Generally speaking, the most popular place for couples to go is the cinema, because it gives them the chance to be alone. Another benefit of going to the cinema for a date is that it increases the two people's dependence on each other because it's dark around. And after watching a movie, you can also take the opportunity to invite her to eat or ask her to go for a walk with you. You can talk about the movie you just saw and share your thoughts with each other. It's also an opportunity to get to know each other.

The coffee shop

A coffee shop is a great place to date when you two are not familiar. Coffee shops are a familiar place for both genetic and trans women. Because they also choose a coffee shop when dating friends, which makes her feel more comfortable and relaxed. Some women enjoy their comfort in the break room, and a cup of coffee can help them feel more comfortable and relaxed. Also, because the coffee shop will have mild lighting, it will create a romantic feeling between two people.

The picnic

A picnic appeals to both people. But don't choose a place that's too hidden because it can make a transgender woman uncomfortable who doesn't know much about you. Going on a picnic with a transgender woman for the first time has two benefits. First, you can demonstrate your skills and smarts on the well-prepared food you bring. Another benefit is that nature is an unparalleled setting and has been shown to inspire a variety of positive emotions.

Four Behaviors That Should Be Avoided In Transgender Relationships

With the rise of the Internet and more and more information, we know that both transgender women and men are looking for advice to guide their relationships. However, in order to build a good relationship, you have to know what to follow and what not to follow. Here's what you shouldn't do on your transgender date, as long as you avoid the following behaviors, then you can enjoy the benefits of the positive knowledge that the online world provides.


1.Dominate your online transgender relationships

You may be thinking about having a leader in a relationship. While that might be a good idea in retrospect, you should remember that you're dating a trans woman. Hierarchy can do more harm than good in a relationship. If you want to have a good relationship with your transgender partner, hierarchy shouldn't exist in a relationship. In fact, the best way to handle relationships is to be able to see each other on the same level. No one has a higher status than others, and if so, it's because of your one-sided view. If you do, you will create more space for you to talk to your partner. You're more open to your partner and you think of yourself as a team, rather than someone trying to control each other's lives. Everyone wants to be treated equally.



2.Always cheat on your partner or hide something

Remember to be honest with your transgender partner. You both should know the truth. Lies can easily ruin a relationship. You may think this is a "white lie," but if it continues to repeat, it will pile up and devour you. When you tell someone you hate something, you may even feel resentful. She won't know unless you speak up to your transgender partner. Remember that courage, gentleness, and honesty are the keys to a healthy relationship.


3.Peek at your partner's private information

Even if you're intimate with your partner, it's a mistake to peek into her private messages or messages. Everyone has privacy, and I'm sure you don't want anyone else to read your private information. Even if you're already together, privacy is still an issue. As a matter of fact, most people who read their partner's messages are insecure about their partner. Mutual respect and trust are necessary to sustain a multi-year relationship.


4.Expect the romantic phase of a relationship to continue

That's why starting a relationship feels like it's in the honeymoon zone. However, believe us, the honeymoon period could end anytime. As you spend more time together, some things become routine. Time tames all passions. Don't expect your love story to be a fairy tale, because your partner can't always live up to your expectations. You just need to look at the beauty of ordinary things. You might miss out on something wonderful in your relationship because you're so focused on fairy tale love.

More tips on lgbt dating

Tell someone you've been involved in online trans dating with transgender people, and they might give you a look that makes you think they're considering which letter is best for you in scarlet. But as a matter of fact, with the advent of Transdr, a transgender dating site, and the advent of countless cloned trans dating sites almost every day, meeting someone on the Internet is as common as meeting a stranger in a bar. So for those of us who are single and haven't yet embraced this new Internet trend (or just stepped into it), here are some ways to try out online transgender dating while remaining gentlemanly.

So, maybe you were a soccer star or track star in high school, but now you're years away from them and you've gained about 20 pounds. Please put the pictures of the varsity team where they should be and upload some recent pictures. While dating and dating transgender people shouldn't be all about vanity, you don't want people to see you and think, "wow, he doesn't look like his picture at all." Not only is this a maddening distraction, but it also opens up a potential relationship where dishonesty, not trust, is the key. This is also true when it comes to your job, education, or anything you find yourself wanting to talk about in person. I promise if they find out that you lied to them, they will think everything you said is a lie.

That's not to say if you're overweight or ugly, don't bother. LGBT dating apps or dating sites have a huge user base, so you'll find every skin tone and color imaginable, and if you misrepresent yourself, you might miss out on people who really like you. But at this point, not everyone on the other end is going to be honest with themselves, so you need to be careful.

While this may seem like a common assumption when it comes to meeting someone online, it's not that common when you're confused by people who lie about everything (or even use someone else's photo). But it did happen. That's why you should try using the Internet as a way to meet people and then use face-to-face dating to get to know them. If all goes well, you won't meet anyone who wants to buy a ring.

While there are many attractive and highly successful people on transgender dating sites, not everyone looks exactly like their photos. While I'm not saying you should expect a man in a wig to show up, you should automatically assume that their photos are old or edited, or at least the most flattering. Not always, but remember, you never really know someone you've never talked to in person.

Are Transgender Women Suspicious of Foreign Men?

Most of the time, smiling and happy Asian transgender women or shemale come across as easy-going and happy girls. Anyway, if you want to talk to anyone at least 20 honestly, they will tell you some unpleasant experiences from the past. That's why when you approach a transgender girl or shemale for the first time, she's likely to have a lot of doubts about your intentions. In this article, we review five of the most common reasons why transgender people or shemale might be suspicious of foreigners and their feelings:
1. Trans women are considered sex workers by foreign men

It's very common when you live far away and try to gather any information about something, you can get a general idea based on Google search results. But a search for transgender woman or shemale in Asia is enough, and you'll find countless porn video's or images, as well as contact information for escort services. If you're vacationing in Thailand, the Philippines or other southeast Asian countries, you'll see a lot of girls freelancing on the streets or in bars. That's why most men think trans girls and shemale are lovemaking objects and they usually just want to have fun. And few transgender dating sites and shemale dating sites advocate making a serious commitment to them. If you want to establish a true relationship and commitment with a transgender person, you should create a profile on Transdr.

2.Transgender women cannot have children of their own

The problem can occur in couples where the men are young but have no children. If a man is older and probably divorced and has children, they don't pay much attention to the fact that their transgender or shemale fiancee can't have children for them. But when a man is old enough to want his own children, the first thing they think about is breaking up with a trans girlfriend or shemale and finding a woman with genes.

3.He will keep their relationship a secret

Even if a man truly loves his trans or shemale girlfriend, he may not be ready to tell the world about their relationship. Even if she looks pretty and feminine, especially among Asian transgender women, men sometimes rush to express their romantic feelings in public.

4. It's a matter of time and age

Being transgender woman also means having typical female problems. Finding a decent man with serious intentions, preferably a future husband or life partner, can be a challenge that takes time and patience. That's why, like genes, female transgender want to look as young as possible to attract men's interest. After all, most men are looking for young and beautiful girls, which means the older they are, the less chance they will find a man soon. Even less to find any trans dating or shemale dating.

Taken together, it may help you understand how your trans girlfriend feels. Think of her as the most delicate woman and never forget to be polite. If you are interested in shemale dating and transgender dating, please be a decent man.