Reasons for you to date a transgender woman

This topic is not about comparing dating a transgender woman and a regular woman. It is about cheer some of the depressed transgenders up. Even though we are so different and being demeaned, we do have some advantages over regular girl. There is no reason for us to feel self-abasement. Besides, for those who appreciate us, we would like to let you know that there are so many benefits of dating us.
First, us transgenders are very strong individuals. We have a strong endurance after what we went through. Plus, we are very sweet. We are caring and considerate. After experienced many things, we don't want people we care to go through what we have experienced. We are a group people filled with love. Trans dating can be more comfortable than regular dating.

Second, we will be more appreciative, even if it is just a small detail. We might get touched. You don't have to buy us some expensive gifts to cheer us up. Just a gesture of being nice and caring will be enough. Holding hands in public and being happy when with us will be the two major things that can make us very happy. We are very easy to please.

Third, if you do not want to have any kids, you could try to date a transgender woman. Everyone knows that we can't get pregnant. We don't have periods either. This is also an advantage for us. When dating a regular woman, some of them may hurry your step to get married and have kids. For transgender women, this kind of thing will never happen, because we can't do it. Besides, we could keep our body fit and nice. Therefore, if you don't want to have kids, we are the perfect candidate for you.

Forth, we know your needs more than any average girl, because we have been there and we have went through it. Transgender dating will be your perfect choice if you are too shy to speak it out.

Fifth, transgender women are more feminine and make more effort at least. We are making up for what we lacked in our previous life. We care so much about our appearance. We want to look feminine at majority of the time. We will be really ready for every date and we don't take advantage of being a woman.

Sixth, we can be more accepting. We may be the most discussed group of people. We know how it feels to be judged and treated with disrespect. We will genuinely accept everything about you and won't judge.

Transgenders are stronger than any other people when facing a stranger or a friend they don’t care, but they are also very vulnerable when it comes to the people they love and care. They can be so indifferent like a stone, or hot like a fire. It all depends on who they are facing. If you are in a transgender dating relationship, prepare to enjoy the double feelings that you will enjoy with a regular woman.