Transgender Tips on How to Look Passable

You need to keep your face skin smooth and clean. You may have never used face wash before. But you have become a woman, you need to use it and more to that. Use facial masks. Put the mask in your refrigerator before using it. In this way, it can shrink your pores and make your skin very soft and smooth like baby's. You can choose what kind of facial mask and washes to use based on your skin. If your skin is very dry, you can choose a moisturizing facial wash and facial mask. If your skin is very sensitive, you can choose a gentler and milder facial wash and facial mask. After done these, you need to moisturize your face, no matter your skin is oily or dry or something in between. You need to moisturize it every day. You can also use sleeping pack if you find it is too much trouble. Put it on when you go to sleep and wash it the next morning. The next morning, you can have a very radiant and clean face. It is good for makeup too. It is very convenient and easy. You need to know that every woman takes good care of their skin and so will you too if you want to be very passable and get trans dating.
The next thing is clothing. Clothing is also one of the reasons why many transgender people get clocked. Many of them like to wear very sexy silk stockings and bright-colored high-heels with bright colored top and dresses. At least they think that is very sexy. However, in other people's eyes, they are just like some freaking transvestites who don't know what they are wearing. In terms of clothing, do not wear clothes which you think is sexy and pretty. Wear clothes that fit your body. Wear those can show off your advantaged and cover disadvantages, just like wear makeup. Do not wear too much. I'm not saying that do not wear to many clothes. What I mean is that do not overdress, or you will end up like a drag queen again. Know your body. Know your merits and defects. If you are tall and big, wear loose shirts ad bras. If you are very skinny, congratulations! You can wear pretty much everything you like. Do not wear super high heels unless you are very good at it.

Have your ears pierced. You want to look as feminine as possible. You will need a full package. If you already pierced your ears, wear rings, no matter small or big. Remember always to do not go too exaggerated. This is the basic principle for everything. You can wear hoop earrings with some dangly little thing hanging. They are super feminine. But do not wear super big and tangle-some earrings that drag your ears down.

Be careful with your body language. This is also a huge give-away. Keep your feet crossed when sitting down. Keep your back straight when you walk and sit. Walk a straight line. If you do not know what body language you should correct, just have a cup of coffee outside and take a chair and sit down and watch the women passing you. Watch their behavior. How do they sit, walk, chat, and so on? Learn it if you think they are elegant. Change your body language also takes time. You need to keep this thought in your mind and think about it all time. Eventually you will get there and get a transgender dating.