Why some men are afraid of dating trans women?

                                                          1. They don't want to be identified as gay

This is the most reason that men are afraid of dating transgender women, and this is also the top concern when it comes to transgender dating. However, most transgender women cannot understand this reason. Have you ever rejected to date a normal girl due to this reason? If not, it can never be your reason to reject dating trans girls. As a man who is attracted to transgender women, you will never be seen as gay. Because transgender women are real women. Some people who don't know about transgender women may have misunderstandings on trans community, but just follow your heat and date transgender women if you like. People in LGBt community are often e seen as gay. I want to say that people in LGBT community are also different from each other, not all of them are gay. Gay is a part of LGBT community, but it can never be the whole part of LGBT community. The same as gay, transgender is also a part of LGBT community.

2. They are afraid of having close relationship with trans women
Transgender women are different from normal women in some men's mind, and this is another reason why some men are afraid of dating transgender women. No matter men on tranny date sites are looking for hookup or life-time relationships, most of them will never choose to have a close relationship with trans women, because they cannot accept the difference between pre-transition trans women and normal women. Some transgender women without transition surgery are not as feminine as other women, they don't have women's organs. In fact, some transgender women also uncomfortable when dating with cisgender men, especially pre-transition transgender women. They are also uncomfortable with close relationship with cisgender women. So, ts dating is only for open-minded trans people and cisgender people. However, it is unfair to judge a trans woman by her body features. Transgender women were born as male, it is not easy for them to completely transition to the opposite gender. They need more time to go through the transition process.

3. It is unsafe to date transgender women
It is unsafe for transgender women to date stranger men, while there are some men afraid of dating transgender women because they think it is unsafe. I cannot understand why. We all know that many transgender women are killed by their dating partners every year only because they are trans. I can really understand why some transgender women never disclose that they are trans, because it is dangerous to tell other people that they are trans some time. Safety can never be the concern of men who are interested in dating transgender women. I'm pretty sure that most transgender women are serious in dating. If you are always friendly and kind to them, you will be treated in the same way. Most trans women and friendly and easy to get on with, so never worry about your safety when ts dating a trans women.