The journey from female to male

I'm a transgender male, and I want to share my story and experience with everyone here.

We all know that most of transgender people don't want to share their transition stories with other people, while I don't think so. I want to encourage other transgender people by sharing my story with them, because I think all transgender people, no matter men or women should be brave and united to fight for our equal right, it couldn't be better if we can accepted by more and more people by this way. Life for transgender people is so hard, but we cannot just wait for someone to help us out of the bad situation. We should try our best to make a better life for ourselves and meet people who want trans dating. I've met so many transgender women, they are lack of confidence and live with great pressures. In order to make a living, they work in some filthy places. I think this is why transgender women always give other people a bad impression. If you are a transgender woman who want to change other people opinions, you should change yourself at first. As a transgender man, I can really understand that most of transgender people are living with great pressure, but it can never be the reason of your fall. Now, let's come back to my story.

I'm a lucky transgender man, why I say I'm lucky? Because I've realized that I should be a boy when I was young, fortunately, my families all support me. When I was at middle school, I started to dress like a boy, and I used to put on the shirt of my brother. When they knew that I like to dress as a boy, my mum bought me some boy's clothes, I was so happy every time my mum bought me some boy's toys. While, not all transgender people are as lucky as me, some of their families cannot accept their transtioning, and they cannot be supported by their families and friends. So, I want to say thanks to my parents here. Thanks to their understanding and support, my life is happier and easier than most of other trans people. I also got many trans hookup in my life.

People around me are very friendly. When I was very young I had many friends, and most of them are boys. All of them called me as "tomboy", I like the nickname. Gradually, they seem to have forgotten that I'm a girl. When I was 20, I made a decision to change my gender into male. All my families and friends didn't surprise with my decision. However, the process of transitioning is not as easy as I thought. Thanks to the support of my family and friends, I finally overcame the difficulty and became a man.

According to my personal experience, support from family and friends is the key to overcome difficulties during transitioning. Here, I hope all transgender people can be supported by their families and friends, and I also hope all transgender people can be confident and open-minded enough to accept something new from the outside world and accept transgender dating.