How to hook up with someone without feeling?

We humans are very emotional creatures, and when we come into close contact with someone, we tend to fall in love or develop feelings for them. If that's you, but you want to live a casual tinder free dating lifestyle, you're in the right place.

Many online dating apps now preach that you can have a better casual hookup lifestyle, that you can enjoy your dating life more, and so on. But they ignore the fact that many people don't know how to let go of their inner heart’s desire for a relationship and the feelings they have with their one night dating date. If a person is always so repressed their emotions, then he will easily suffer from mental illness. This is not a good thing for your body and mind.

Before you start looking for a casual hook up partner, you should figure out if casual dating is what you want and if you're comfortable with a new relationship without strings attached. Many people have no idea what a casual relationship is like before they start looking for a one night dating partner, which is why it's so easy for them to fall in love with their casual hook up partner. When you think clearly and have your own sense of right and wrong and your own beliefs, it's the right time to find a flirt dating partner. Otherwise you will easily make the mistakes I mentioned above.

Second, don't let your intimate relationship with your casual dating partner affect your judgment. People develop feelings for their dating partners because they see them as someone they can trust when they have a intimate relationship with their dates. This can lead to a situation where you become increasingly dependent on your date and you are eager to get feedback from the other person. This can be devastating to you and your casual relationship. Because people who want to look for casual dates is that there are no strings attached. And now you want a commitment from your date. Obviously, this is not logical either.

Therefore, you'd better establish a good sense of not being easily destroyed before looking for a one night hook up date so that you don't feel attached to someone after a one-night stand. If that doesn't work out for you, you should keep reminding yourself during the date that this is a one-night stand and that you won't be seeing each other after tonight.

What’s more, one of the things you should make some basic rules and guidelines. For example, to avoid relying on your date, make it a rule to get dressed and leave immediately after hookup, and don't spend the night with your date. Because the more time you spend together, the more reluctant you are to leave each other. In addition, don't text your date frequently with "I love you, I miss you." This will reduce the dependency and you will be able to stop feeling affection for your one night stand partner.

Hence, have you learned these skills?