How Does MTF Transition Happen?

Last year, when I was looking for my dating partner on an online transgender dating site, I was lucky to meet a MTF. In the process of communicating with her, I knew clearly how a MTF transition happened. As a trans hookup finder, this is the first time I have such a thorough understanding of this. At that time, I thought transsexuals were a very interesting group. They have a completely different thought world from us, which is very interesting and worth exploring. As a transgender dating finder, it is of great significance to understand how MTF and FTM transitions occur. This can not only bring you into their inner world, but also give you a unique understanding of these two different groups.

Start to realize that their gender identity is inconsistent with the assigned sex

MTF didn't know from the moment they were born that they lived in the wrong body. With the passage of time and the gradual maturity of their minds, they will gradually find that there are some deviations in their understanding of their gender and assigned sex. For example, in the eyes of all people, she is a boy because she has male reproductive organs. But only she knew that she had a female soul, because she found that women's clothes were so bright, women's hair was so charming, and she thought she was a girl from the bottom of her heart.

Starting to live a female lifestyle

Before they start to be interested in women's products and live in women's way of life, they may be confused for a while, because when all people's views are inconsistent with his, he will doubt whether his choices and views are correct. But the idea of a real transgender woman is enduring and will not disappear over time. Therefore, after a period of time, they will be more firm in their inner thoughts. And try to touch these new things. For example, when her mother is not present, she will secretly wear her mother's skirt, silk stockings, high-heeled shoes, lipstick, nails and so on. These women's products have a fatal attraction for them, which they can't resist. Here are the best lgbt dating apps.

Take the next step to transition

In fact, from the time they began to try to wear these skirts and stockings, they had already started the transition process. But often, a real MTF will not be satisfied with wearing it in private. So when they are satisfied here, they will take more actions, such as hormone therapy to make them have the secondary sexual characteristics of women or direct sex change surgery. But the cost of these two transition processes is much higher than that of the first transition stage. This is the reason that only a part of MTF will adopt these two transition methods. Of course, before that, they will try to get the understanding of their family and friends. Although their opinions can't completely change the decision of transsexual people, they still have some influence. The lucky can be understood and supported, while the unfortunate can only be accompanied by loneliness.